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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    In the ever 'evolving' world we live in today, be it from technological advancements, social adjustments and scientific understandings. The very basis of evolving roots from the beliefs and the principles the subjects we humans adhere. How could one claim he has evolved when one does not withold the knowledge of consequence in life. How could one claim successful when oblivious to the effects of acting upon an action. 

       We humans may know or not know the word of Allah but it is a very well known book in the media and minds of the people today. For most of the people, it may be accepted as a negative and uncivilised appellation. But why is that? Simple, the age we breathe in today what is it's main source of information? One word, media. Ask yourself, the next person you know how informed are they as well as you to the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? Or maybe the latest scores of Chelsea's games? The gossips and scandals of celebrities in your country? 

        Media, is a tertiary source of information. The things you see in it are a mere depiction of a directors perception or the news editor chiefs 'neutral' perception. We humans nowadays have been preyed upon the many apps and conveniences built by ourselves and a few of us truly understand the magnitude of a too relied upon source. A wise man once said, even if a million people say a foolish thing it is still a foolish thing. 

         Our 'evolved' society nowadays are too fragile and vulnerable to the depictions they absorb from they're TV screens, tablets and smartphones. The realisation that we are independent beings is simply irrational being fully dependent under the Ar-Rahman of Allah azzawajal. The media has deluded the minds of the people from a very imperative source of knowledge. If society sees science as a means of advancement the Qur'an which was revealed 1400 years ago has confirmed its findings with science to up to 80% of what they've discovered and another 20% unclosed being studied. Brief advice, do not take things too seriously and conform to a side without completely understanding the parameters of one. Look for primary sources unperceived by anyone and don't rely on one source instead diversify. Lastly, knowledge is to be seeked not displayed so venture into a course insyallah you will prosper in this world or the next Aminn.


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